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I’m Sheila Dalton. After 25 years of professional cooking experience, I decided to take my love of local foods and cooking from scratch and demystify nutritious cooking for the curious and bewildered.

Master Certified as a Nutrition and Wellness Coach combined with my numerous years in the culinary world, uniquely enables me to show you how to organize, plan, prepare, and mindfully eat nutrient-dense meals and embrace healthy lifestyle habits that empower you to reach your nutrition goals.

Personalized Planning

At Youtrition, we are here to unravel the sometimes complex nutrition science and knit together a personalized plan that inspires you to live your healthiest life and feel your best.

Let’s arrange a time where I can hear more about what you need and share a little bit about how we can help you on your wellness journey.

Our Programs

Empowered Eating

Want to improve your eating habits and establish mindful routines that support healthy living? Ready to face that Covid weight gain? Training for a 50k and want to focus on your nutrition? This plan is for YOU!

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Racing is Life

When I started to run trails 10 years ago, I never once thought about racing. I ran (and still do) to keep my sanity and to get the wiggles out plain and simple. But my running buddies encouraged me to train for a race and I’m really glad they did. Because now I love it. […]