Guess What? Nutrition Support Isn’t Only About What We Eat!

So I’ve written about what it’s like to work with a nutrition coach and how I help a client reach their nutrition goals and needs. What I also introduce in my coaching sessions is the concept that good nutrition needs support from many areas in our lives in addition to mindful eating. In my training at The Nutritious Life Studio we call these areas the 8 Pillars of a Nutritious Life. Embracing them is the key to balanced nutrition and this is a layered, life-long process for most!

So what are these 8 Pillars? They include:

  1. Drink Up – Are we hydrated?
  2. Eat Empowered – Do we eat to feel our best and fuel our bodies?
  3. Sweat Often – Do we raise our heart rate and move so we stay strong and improve our mood? That picture is me in Oaxaca sweating and stressing less!
  4. Stress Less – Are we at ease the majority of the time?
  5. Sleep Deep – Are we rested?
  6. Live Consciously – Do we take care of our environment? Is it clean, neat, and free of toxins?
  7. Nurture Yourself – Do we self-soothe?
  8. Love More – Do we cultivate loving relationships?

I’m going to take the next few blogs to explore the importance of each of these, but in a nutshell nutrition is more than what we eat. Just like it is not enough to simply feed a baby – they must be held and cuddled, bathed and clothed, and provided a safe bed and home to rest and play in order to grow up healthy and whole – we must tend to our adult selves the same. And, if we neglect these important areas of our life, what we eat no matter how nutrient dense and lovingly prepared, it simply won’t be enough to keep us healthy.

So next up? The benefits of hydration. Grab a glass of water and stay tuned!