What It’s Like to Work with a Nutrition Coach and Specifically with Me

Think of selecting a Nutrition Coach like choosing a running buddy who’s going to help you increase your pace. You know you’re capable, you just need a little giddy up from someone who has the knowledge, experience, and a reassuring bedside manner.

A nutrition coach will show you the how’s and why’s of nutrition and guide and encourage you along the way. They will pay attention to you and your food journal (yes, you will be asked to keep one) and ask questions to help you get clear and stay clear about what you really, really, want! Cue Spice Girls  But just like you have to actually run to get faster, you will have to implement the new tools a nutrition coach provides, they will not do the work for you!

I focus on 1:1 personalized coaching, in person or via telehealth. I currently only offer a 12 week program because I really believe it takes that long to understand this foundational nutrition principle: food is fuel and feeding ourselves is an act of self care. I create a meal chart and a meal plan that meets the client’s goals that were determined in our first session. Then I show how to use the chart and provide meal ideas, planning tips, and recipes to match. Weekly sessions focus on honing meal charts to clients’ preferences and offering insights concerning any challenges that come up.

I also want my clients to have a deep understanding of what nutrition really is and especially what it means for them personally. We’ve been taught in gym or health class about the food pyramid and now the healthy eating plate, but do we really understand how these food groups nourish us? And more importantly, have we figured out or paid attention to the foods that work best with our individual bodies? When we plan our meals (do we plan?!?) do we consider the nutrients we consume at each meal and the effects they have on our health and mood?

For example, a dinner of wild-caught salmon sauteed with 1 teaspoon coconut oil, baked curry sweet potato fries (another runfasteatslow winner) and a green veg (take your pick: steamed or roasted broccoli, sauteed greens, or green salad,) will help us run better in the morning or arrive clear headed to present at our 8am business meeting more than a fried fish sandwich with a side of fries. Why? First of all, wild caught salmon provides high quality protein and is an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids. The coconut oil is a healthy fat b/c it has antioxidants and a lot of medium chain fatty acids which research has shown do NOT raise cholesterol but do boost immunity and energy plus other benefits. Sweet potatoes are a starchy vegetable providing complex carbohydrates, fiber, and antioxidants (more details on why these are important in an upcoming blog!) The green vegetable is loaded with vitamins and minerals that protect our brains and give us energy plus MUCH more.

Consistently eating meals like this helps us THRIVE.

I can not say much about the alternative dinner except that it has some protein. My Empowered Eating Program incorporates these concepts into every session so a client develops a deeper understanding that nutrient dense foods enable them to live healthy lives both physically and emotionally. And it’s not just what we eat, it’s how we live too! More on that in my next post.